What is cryp1 ? How to recovery cryp1 files ?

What is cryp1

cryp1 virus is a new ransomware from the family of CryptXXX. Once started, it will encrypt all personal files. When a file is encrypted, it’s extension will be changed to .cryp1.

cryp1 summary information
Name cryp1 virus
Type ransomware
Danger Level High. Encrypts all personalr files and require pay a ransom to get a encrypt key)
Symptoms Ransom screen, Slow PC, a lot of files with .cryp1 extension
Distribution Method Spam em-mails with attach that infected with this virus
Removal tool Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Malwarebytes Anti-malware

How to recovery cryp1 files

1. Use the removal tools above to clean your computer from cryp1 virus.
2. Use ShadowExplorer and PhotoRec to try to restore all encrypted files.

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