What is psecurity.exe, How to remove psecurity.exe

psecurity.exe is a harmful program.

remove It is a component of malware or spyware, you should immediately remove it using an antivirus and antispyware program.
If that does not help, then ask us for help in the Spyware removal forum.

Name: psecurity
Filename: psecurity.exe
Registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run | PSecurity

Command: C:\Program Files\PSecurity\psecurity.exe
Startup Type: HKCU->Run
HijackThis Category: O4
HijackThis Line:

O4 – HKCU\..\Run: [PSecurity] C:\Program Files\PSecurity\psecurity.exe

DDS Line:

uRun: [PSecurity] C:\Program Files\PSecurity\psecurity.exe

Combofix/RSIT Line:

“PSecurity”=C:\Program Files\PSecurity\psecurity.exe [2009-12-01 1268224]

Description: core component of Personal Security. Personal Security is a rogue antispyware program.

How to remove: use these Personal Security removal instructions.

14 Responses to “What is psecurity.exe, How to remove psecurity.exe”

  1. hazzer Says:

    Hello! i have psecurity and i want do delete it. becuase every time i go to a website i get a widow Auto:blank abd it say that the website is unsafe and it have a red backround. youtube is not a dangurous but it stand at it is why. Tell me please!

    My hotmail.com is ***@live.se


  2. admin Says:

    hazzer, ask for help in the Spyware removal forum.

  3. John Says:

    You may want to run hijackthis.

    with this program all you have to do to run a scan and look for psecurity.exe on the list and tick the box then click fix checked.

    This will now allow you to run malwarebytes.

    I initially ran a quick scan then a full scan to make sure that all traces has been deleted.

    Hope this helps

  4. pedro Says:

    in Spyware removal forum isn´t not possible to find the way to delete psecurity.exe
    as john says dosn´t delete the program as well
    anynoe knows how do it?

  5. admin Says:

    pedro, you need to make a new topic in a Spyware removal forum to get a help.

  6. Dan Says:

    I think psecurity.exe is growing new teeth. The description here is accurate, but things seem more severe. My version intergated into start up, control pannel, and wouldn’t let me access websites (page not found errors). Oh, it took me about 20 hours to figure out how to fix it, and it struck my computer about 2 or 3 days ago. So who ever designed this hideous little monster is getting progessively more devious.

    I had to reboot the computer in SAFE mode (Ctrl-F8 when booting) to access the COMMAND/DOS prompt, since the End Process button on the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) wouldn’t stop the program’s execution. I changed directories until I found the psecurity.exe file, removed a read-only flag (ATTR -R), and then Del psecurity.exe.

    After this I had to use REG EDIT to forcably remove the Register install key before the MALWARE removal tool would work.
    I still haven’t had time to run a full scan of the disk with an Anti-viral, since that will take hours. I think I nicked it, but am not sure.

  7. Richard Says:

    It’s a nasty little bugger. New permutations are still coming out, and it installs a rootkit.

  8. Jean Says:

    I downloaded this antivirus software. is it a spyware? it froze my computer and had no choice but to buy the software download for $89.00 dollars.
    they do have an email if you have technical questions. I’m confused.
    I was using Avast Anti Virus for free until this psecurity.exe apparently said i had to download software to remove trojans and other viruses that froze my computer dead.

    should I remove it after I paid for it? is it a rogue antivirus but spying on my computer?
    sorry, i’m computer illiterate on this stuff.

  9. admin Says:

    Jean, you need to use Malwarebytes (is free) to remove this malware or follow above instructions.

  10. Jean Says:

    thanks for the reply admin. I paid for this antisoftware cos’ I didn’t know how to remove it. They won’t give my money back unless it doesn’t work. I don’t trust it. is it spyware? I want my money back. they told me I had to call their customer service dept. who are they?

  11. Jon Says:

    this is amazing, I wondered if people actually sent money to these virus writers, this is hostage and blackmale all at the same time, the FBI should be cracking down on this! I have been reimaging machines due to these type of viruses, I at first manually cleaned up the machines because AVG and Avast would not flag it as bad, then users started getting the same virus back in a new way (stored in new folders, etc…), the machines that I did not reimage I had to write “deny permissions” to the folders in which they resided, removing them is not enough, and cleaning out rootkits was not enough! You have to change to firefox after cleaning, or you will get it back.

  12. Will Says:

    Recently messed with this, or a slight mutation of it. AVG quarantined/deleted the lil bugger. Also got rid of krap.exe. This one was a new one to me. The psecurity messed with net connections and all that good stuff and at times would not allow net connection without a couple of reboots. krap.exe … not sure about that one, like i said it was new to me.

  13. Computer Guru 2010 Says:

    Okay Guys if anyone has downloaded this Fake anti-virus program you have been tricked. Personal security is a Rogue virus that tricks one into thinking there computer is infected with much more than he or she’s computer is. Removing this program is tricky but, can be done. Go to START>MY COMPUTER>(C:)>PROGRAM FILES. Now find the file called Psecurity. Click and enter this folder. Once in folde right click on the blue and white shield icon. Click Rename. Rename this .exe mirror to anything you desire. Now once you do that exit everything and RESTART your computer. If you were missing all your desktop icons they will re-appear. Now that you have restarted you computer the program has been tricked itself and cannot be reconized at start-up. Now what you wanna do is go back into START>MYCOMPUTER>(C:)>PROGRAM FILES. Now find Psecurtiy and right click on the FOLDER itself. Delete it. Go to recycle bin and empty it. Now download your favourite anti-virus program. Mine is AVG. Here is a link for the free version and when it prompts you to use the 9.0 version for free for 30 days I suggest you take it. Gives you some very useful advantages.
    Once you have finished downloading this program run a full system scan and it will detect the rest of the viruses included in Personal security.
    Hope this helped and good luck Everyone!

  14. Bernice Says:

    OMG! I wish that I knew that this was a scam. They held my computer hostage for a whole day until I paid the 89.00 and then it said it was removing worms and some other stuff. Is there anything that can be done to stop these people from doing this? This has to be against the law or something! I have tried to contact them and have not had any luck. It said that they would refund your money within 30 days of purchase if you were not satisfied with their program. Do they even have a website that someone can go to?

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