gxvxcserv.sys is a troajn w32.Tidserv

This is a harmful program.

remove It is a component of malware or spyware, you should immediately remove it using an antivirus and antispyware program.
If that does not help, then ask us for help in the Spyware removal forum.

Name: gxvxcserv
Registry key:


Command: command
Startup Type: Hidden driver
Description: troajn w32.Tidserv. The trojan uses rootkit techniques designed to hide the software presence in the system.

How to remove: use the instructions How to remove gxvxcserv.sys trojan (Google redirect virus)

3 Responses to “gxvxcserv.sys is a troajn w32.Tidserv”

  1. Shalvin Says:

    To check the infection, just create a New Folder on your desktop and rename it GxVxCServ and press Enter
    The folder’s naae will change to New Folder and you will not be able to delete that folder
    If this virus is there in the computer, scan with Norton Antivirus shows 0 files scanned

  2. Poorvesh Mistry Says:

    I got the same issue but I was finally able to solve the case.

    I am using Vista home basic, I downloaded an “exe” file from the website serials-keys.com/
    the link :-http://serials-keys.com/serial_All_serials_keys_text_speech_pro_ultimate_2.2.html

    just after running the “exe” it asked to restart the system, once I asked the system to restart, the system was not able to booth properly. so the steps that i took were

    1) start the system with “safe mode with networking”, it showed me the same message as you all had received
    2) Installed a trojan remover software, you can download from simplysup.com/tremover/download.html
    its the best.
    3) scanned my system, which showed me some virus “gxvxcserv.sys”, i asked to remove from the registry.
    4) Just before i restart the system, I went for folder options, and checked the option “show hidden files and folders” & deleted the hidden files that i found in the “Startup” (found in Windows–> Start Menu–> Programs or click on Start–> All Programs and you find the folder)
    5) now restart the system, you might need to check for trojan virus, just scan with “Trojan remover”

    This trojan remover software has saved my ass for 3 times within the span of 30 days trial.
    you need to analyze what sort of problem you are facing, is it hardware or virus, go search on google if you get some text message for error, next if it is a virus than, need to know what kind of virus & how does it works, that helps to know how to fix it & even helps to take precautions so that it does not enter through the windows loop holes

    Many virus place them self in the areas with those files which are accessed by windows when it starts. like the StartUp files or your Windows registry etc.
    My friend had trojan viruses that attacked the rigestry and wont allow any antivirus software to be installed, but this Trojan remover was successfully installed and removed all viruses.

    So even if you have the finest and sharpest (best & updated Antivirus) if you don’t have the skills (the way to tackle) you would always face problems.

    Best of luck. If this works, kindly spread this to all other websites and do buy the Trojan remover software.

  3. antivirus express Says:

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